Couldn't connect to the bolt WiFi module

I had followed the procedure to setup the bolt WiFi module with the device step by step but couldn’t connect.

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Watch the troubleshoot video in the course and do the necessary actions.

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For connecting to the bolt WiFi module with smartphone it’s asking for password. And I’ve tried all troubleshooting actions mentioned but no progress.

What is the password to connect to WiFi module?

The first thing you needed to do is to connect your mobile(in which the bolt app is) to the same Wifi network you’re using for your laptop by switching off your mobile data.
Also if you were using your mobile hotspot as your internet connection for your laptop then you’ll either need another mobile’s hotspot so as to connect your laptop and the mobile(in which the bolt app is) to the internet.
i hope this helps somehow.

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When I connect the bolt device to power supply, both the blue and green LED’s light up. I’m not able to connect to Bolt wifi as it is not showing up in my wifi settings. Please help me out!
Thank you.

I’ve connected to the same WiFi network on which my laptop is connected, but still couldn’t add the device in Bolt app.

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Hello rohitkumargope150,
Please check if your mobile data is off and then open your Bolt app again.

My mobile data was off and I’ve connected my mobile to the same WiFi network which my laptop was connected but still the same issue, couldn’t add the Bolt device.

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On your Bolt wifi module Blue led indicates power supply connectivity and Green led indicates wifi & bolt cloud connectivity, After powering your device if both led’s are blinking it means your device is connected and its online you can proceed further.You cannot find the bolt device on your wifi settings,but u can know to which wifi your bolt device is connected.Once you create a product and link the hardware to bolt then you can find the status of product and connectivity.
I hope the info helped u .

Rohit first off all connect your bolt module to the data cable and check the blue led is blinking and then install your bolt application and follow the step and now you turn on your mobile hotspot and try to connect your bolt module when you are connecting your module you have to write your mobile hotspot name and password ,and after doing all this thing if your bolt module green light is turn on and lighting continuously then your bolt module is online

Yes I’ve tried with some other smartphone I was able to add my device. Their might be some settings problem with my previous device.
Anyways thank you for your cooperation.

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First of all, connect your smartphone with a WiFi amd then open the app and the Bolt device has to be connected to the same wifi in which your phone is connected. At that time, you have to turn off the data jn your smartphone.

First rename the Wi-Fi and on off Wi-Fi.

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Type Wi-Fi Name & Password same as well as for the hotspot in bolt iot app.Then data will connects to bolt cloud.


Hey @rohitkumargope150

You are doing it all wrong
First check out Bolt’s documentation for this

Its very cleared explained their in step by step process

rename your wifi module then start connection.

I faced the same problem. Try connecting to a mobile hotspot with your wifi switched off and if that does not work then use a different phone to connect it as sometimes because of the performance of the phone the connection does not get established.

To connect to the wifi module follow each step provided by Bolt training. Remember to copy the password of bolt wifi network from bolt iot apk and paste it in the bolt wifi page