Coupon Code for Certification Test

Hello Everyone,
I have enrolled in the RoboWorld Robotics online workshop and I have completed the course material. I’m in the end of the course ie. 99% completed. Now I want to take the certification course, but as I click on Click Here to Answer The Test

It redirect to a page where It asks for some Coupon Code.
Screenshot from 2021-03-15 20-49-55

I don’t know what is this coupon code. I have tried these there code
Order ID: #India360XX
Course Access Code :C20120F3F49XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Discount Coupon: ROBOLAUNCXXX

But I always get Entry Didn't Match error

Please Tell Me what is the coupon code or where to get it.
Thanks. :blush:


We are checking this. Will get back to you by tomorrow EOD.