Course access code issue

where i can find my course access code in Bolt Cloud page.

@vinayak2003 Please visit above mentioned page and navigate the order for which you want to get the course access code. Click on Get Access Code. You will be redirected to a survey. Post filling this survey, you will be able to see the course access code.

How we can find Course Access Code for Certificate ??

brother u find ur course access code tell me about that

@prasannadeshmukh2000 Please visit Bolt Cloud regarding the same.
use this link to access the code.
course code and access code both are the same.
Try to login using the same email id you used while purchasing the kit and course.

how much no. of code was that bro?

Hi @sachin.202104058,
Can you please elaborate on the issue?

Once you click this link, navigate to trainings section, there you will find the list of your purchases, you can find your course access code there.