Course not available

showing that I need to purchase the course again even though I have already paid for the course.


Can you please visit using the email id that you used to purchase the course?

Read the instructions on the page. You will also find your course access code on the same page which you can use to enroll in the training for free.

You can open the email that is sent to you after you brought the product. There we find the link to boult cloud with which you will be directed to bolt cloud. Using the google login.

Thanks for the help:)

there are to many course in bolt iot . and also you can learn more about other courses you can go to these course and learn more

It may be possible that you have used some other email id or your id
for training, purpose try to login from and you can easily access the internship

You may be showed that you have to purshase the course again. But still you can access the training modules by logging in with your email id ( that id which you have used to register for this course), and the training access password. After logging in , you will see an option to enter to your course. Thank you

If while starting your course ,you couldn’t find your project in bolt.iot ,then you haven’t got access to the code and gained access to the course. Now let me walk you through it. First create an account in cloud.boltiot ,log into it .In the new tab go to training.iotbolt and create a account .Then click to the course like “Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning”. In cloud.boltiot , go to the " my account" and there you will get a option as training ,click on it and there you will have your access code …then copy it. After this click on go to course and you can start your project easily .