Creating alert on bolt cloud

i tried creating alert in bolt cloud.i have entered alert name,condition and alert messages,but i could not add recipient number(no plus symbol).anyone please help

Please post the code you’ve written if this doesn’t help:
I believe you’ve set the input box data type to be some integers which is why + being a non integer, isn’t being accepted. Please try making the datatype as string or doing what other websites do - which is to make a different drop down menu to select the initials [ a list of values such as +91, +1, etc]


The “SMS” alert feature is only available to Bolt Cloud Pro users.

To send an SMS, you will have to select SMS in the alert type drop down which currently says “Push notification (Android)”

You can upgrade to Bolt Cloud Pro, by going to this link ->

I am a pro member and I got all the requirements for sending the alert but I am not getting any alert notification. What I have to do now ? should I need to write a code ? if yes please help me in writing the code.

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