Data at Bolt cloud

i had monitored and ploted the LM35 sensor reading for about 2 hrs from 27/08/20 11:00 pm to 28/08/20 1:15 AM ,and i got the graph also , but the data is now not available there on 28/08/20 it is showing that no data has been collected.
please look into it @rahul.singh1 sir

@akhil.raibhog in that case what is the use of cloud technology then.

Got it, sorry for wrong information if want to see it,

just click on highlighted area select option on which you take a readings

@akhil.raibhog thanks for helping but these option is not available , i will delete the product and once again repeat the task and then let’s see what is the situation.

OK no problem let me know if you want some more assistance.
welcome @govindbagdiya22
and thanks to you also!:smiley:


Can you share a screenshot of the data collected after you select the filter for “1 week” instead of “Live”?

@yeshwant.naik sir thank you for the support , but actually i have deleted that product and i am doing it once again , if this time the condition remains same i will get back to you with the screenshot.