Data count not shown

when i connect my LDR project to cloud and changes the graph pattern then data count not shown.
please help me

Data count depends on the rate you have provided. if your rate is too high like 30 minutes you need to wait till 30minutes passes. so keep the rate as low as possible.
PRO-TIP- if you want to get your datas more frequently thn press the “deploy configuration” giving a break of 10seconds. your data will counted every 30 seconds

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Check you data count rate. Make it the lowest (5 minutes) and check. If you want to know at a specific point in time press deploy configuration. If it still doesn’t come restart the device and do the project from start once more and check it.

1.Check the connections of the LDR to A0 pin and 3.3v pin.
2. Try focusing the torch from your phone onto the LDR
3. Some students have received an LDR with internal resistance which is different from the standard. Try using the following combinations in the given sequence
3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 10k - gnd
3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 330 - gnd.

You could check out the following steps to make sure that your data count is shown :

  1. Check the hardware connections properly, whether you have connected the 2 pins of LDR in the right manner.
  2. In the training they taught us that the light intensity is inversely proportional to the resistance, i.e try switching the lights on and off and check whether there are any variations.
  3. Try keeping the time rate to the minimum, that is, keep it at 5 minutes or 10 minutes, if in case you keep it at 30 minutes or so you will have to wait until 30 minutes for the data counts to be shown.