Data Error in execution of webhook

I am using intgromate to capture the razorpay payment and send the signal to Bolt IoT. Sometimes it runs fine and sometimes after razorpay trigger but the Bolt IoT shows Data error, Timeout error. Razorpay has always worked fine. Please help me to make a robust system.

To achieve this functionality, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Configure Integromate for Razorpay Integration:
Set up Integromate to detect payment receipts from Razorpay. When a payment is received, trigger the next step in the automation.

Integrate Integromate with Bolt IoT:
In Integromate, create an action to send a signal to your Bolt IoT device when a payment is received. You can use the Bolt IoT API to trigger a high pulse on a specific digital pin.

Program Bolt IoT to Send a High Pulse:
Configure your Bolt IoT device to respond to the event triggered by Integromate and send a high pulse to the specified digital pin.

Connect Bolt IoT Digital Pin to Arduino Uno:
Physically connect the digital pin from Bolt IoT to a digital pin on your Arduino Uno.

Configure Arduino Uno to Receive Pulse:
Write an Arduino Uno sketch to read the pulse on the digital pin connected from Bolt IoT and react accordingly when it receives the high pulse.

Please provide the code that you have written so that I can help you out with the Data error, Timeout error you are encountering.