Data in bolt cloud is lost

I have collected 61 data counts. Unfortunately I have written wrong code in Data Visualizaton and saved, all data I have collected is lost. How can I retrieve back the data that I had collected or else should I do the experiment again. Anyone please help me.

Hi @vishnu.kolluri02,
Can you please share the code you had written?

well I think by correcting your codes the problem will be resolved,you just have to visit the same web page where you collected 61 data point.if you dont remember then sorry it wont be possible

First check if the data was actually saved by filtering the time stamps. You can do this by setting the date and time to when you actually performed the project.
If that doesn’t work you’ll need to correct the code and collect the data again. But this time don’t forget to either download the collected data or saving it to the cloud.

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@vishnu.kolluri02 @shikha2001sweetu’s response is correct. If the data was too old(a few months/years), you may find it by filtering the time stamps in case it was not lost.