Data not showed correctly

Im having a problem when i send the sensor data from Arduino to bolt cloud .
The data is not showed correctly ,

It is different from the data showed in the serial monitor of the Arduino and sometimes the data continusly showing zero

please help :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Hi @ayser.shaqruni Share me screenshot of output.

I have uploaded several pictures and sent it to your bolt account please check your Gmail app . And check your account…

this the output of bolt cloud.please check and help me to solve my problem :cry: :cry:
(Bolt Cloud)

Hi @himanshu.arya these are the links for the pictures of my Arduino code and my bolt cloud output 1 1 1

I hope these pictures help you further in troubleshooting my problem :pray::disappointed:

Hi @himanshu.arya please reply
Please reply

Hi @ayser.shaqruni,

Could you please elaborate more on what project you are working on and what sensors you are using and also can you send the code in text format. We will check that from our end and get back to you.

Hi @ayser.shaqruni ,

Also do check this for your reference.

Hi @rohit.ts the code is already in the post ,check the links i have uploaded earlier to see the code .
I used ultrasonic sensor Hc-Sr04 it is a simple project
It measure distance from the sensor and upload the data in bolt cloud but the problem is the cloud show zero values please help :cry::cry::cry:

Can you show where you are getting value as zero?

Your code is pushing data. But with delay of 2 seconds, you are hitting your API limit.

Let me know if I can help you further.