Deadline to answer final exam(URGENT)

For Bolt IoT training guidelines, there wasn’t any deadline mentioned… It was mentioned as LIFETIME ACCESS…however while searching through bolt forum queries… I got to know there is deadline of six months to answer the final exam … Please someone clarify my doubts as I am worried cause my period of six months expire this month.

for boltiot platform there is no deadline for the exam. this is full life time course so you can give exam whenever you are prepared.


Hi, you can give the certification test whenever you feel like you are ready. No deadlines.

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hi naikanjalimahesh, even i bought this course almost 1.5 yrs back and have still not given the final exam…it is not a time based course …as specified earlier this is a full lifetime course…and hence you can give the exam anytime you feel like youre ready.

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this course is the lifetime access .there is no deadline

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no,bolt iot training is for lifetime,it can be accessed and be completed anytime

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Hello naikanjalimahesh,
I bought this course almost 2 years back.There is no deadline for final quiz that is LIFE TIME ACCESS. Hence, you can give the exam anytime you feel like you are ready.

Since the course has lifetime access like the ones in Udemy or any other platforms, there is no deadline of this exam. However, the kits that were given to you for this course has 1 year of warranty. So early bird gets the worm.

Hey Sandhya, Regarding Certification Exam, there exists no deadline.