Decathlon Internship Project Team Members

Hi I am Mohnish Reddy M,
I would like to team up with other members in order to complete the Decathlon’s Internship Project.
So I Request if anyone is interested to please join with me.
Please do reply through this Email Id as soon as possible.


okay I am interested!

Heyy Thank you so Much for replying.

Can u please send me a mail from u r account so that we can Contact ??

Phone : 9380111744

Heyy !!! Please contact me through What’s App or Email as soon as possible.

Phone Number : 9380111744
Email Id :

Heyy I am interested !

Heyy Sakshi Mane, Thank you so Much for responding😊.
Please do contact me through Email or phone (What’s App) as soon as possible so that we can start the project.

Email :
Phone : 9380111744

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