Decathlon internship project

Hello, I wanted to ask what all things i have to submit in the link. What exactly is the protoype? Am i supposed to submit the screenshots of my code and website? Can you please be specific as to what things can i put in the link. Also, the google doc of my problem statement has to go in the same link right.


Hi @sanyaag020,

To submit your project, include the following in the provided link:

  1. Code: Share the actual code of your project. This should be the implementation of your project.
  2. Video Explanation: Record a video where you explain your code in detail, discussing its logic, functionality, and how it addresses the problem statement.
  3. Screenshots: Include relevant screenshots showcasing your project, including the output and any crucial parts of the code or website.
  4. Google Doc or Problem Statement: Yes, you can add the Google Doc containing your problem statement or any other relevant documentation.

Feel free to add any other relevant files, images, or documents that provide a comprehensive understanding of your project.

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Click on this link to submit your Internship tasks(Option 1 only):

Can you tell me when can i expect the results of Decathlon Internship projects for AI training students? Please tell me an approximate time

Hi @sanyaag020,

We cannot provide an exact timeline for when the results will be available. The timing is entirely dependent on the Decathlon team and their internal evaluation processes. Rest assured, as soon as we have any updates on the results, we will communicate them to you promptly.

  1. If the project is unique and solves a problem for Decathlon, then you can have a 80% chance of getting the certificate from them.
  2. If the project is plagiarised or a re-creation of a project covered as part of your training syllabus, then it will be rejected for sure.

Timeline to get the certificate
We cannot promise any timeline for getting the certificate. The overall goal of Decathlon is to hire students, and a certificate of internship is a small part of it. Also, being a large organisation, such a process will take time. So if there is a specific college timeline, then upon satisfactorily submitting the project, we can issue you a certificate from Bolt IoT for the same project you submit at Decathlon.

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