Decathlon internship submission for project

I’ve submitted my project for the Decathlon internship, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email. The submission form appears as if I need to start a new one. Could Bolt IoT send a confirmation email to confirm my submission?

Hi @saviorithik,

We have received your recent submission of the Decathlon Project titled Smart Strider on 9/30/2023 with the Email ID

Thank you for providing me with the update. I greatly appreciate it. I am eagerly looking forward to the results. Could you kindly inform me about the anticipated timeframe for the release of the results and the delivery of the Decathlon Project certificate? Additionally, I am curious to know if the duration of the Decathlon Internship will be mentioned on the Certificate of Completion
Thank you once again for your assistance.

Hi @saviorithik,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
We cannot promise any timeline for getting the certificate. The overall goal of Decathlon is to hire students, and a certificate of internship is a small part of it. Also, being a large organisation, such a process will take time. So if there is a specific college timeline, then upon satisfactorily submitting the project, we can issue you a certificate from Bolt IoT for the same project you submit at Decathlon.
Also, the certificate will be a one-month internship completion certificate provided by Decathlon.