Device doesnot exist

When I’m typing API key/restart?&%20deviceName=(my bolt name)
its telling
{“success”: “0”, “value”: “Device does not exist”}

though my device is registered and my device is shown on home page also.

Have you replaced amy API key and my bolt name with correct values ?

yaah I did that already…

Could you check if the device name and API key is correctly entered? Even if there is a small error in typing the key, it will not work.

Yaah, I copied it from where my API key was generated… I’m sure there’s no error in that area.

Could you let me know what the device name is ?

Bolt 73323 is my device name.

Oh. There seems to be some issue which I am unable to figure out.

Please E-Mail your phone no to with CC to and mention about this issue. We shall call you up. Alternatively, you can call us up on (+91) 8881197198 and ask for Pranav Kundaikar.

Sorry for the trouble.

Please confirm if the device is on and NOT on

Yaah, my device is on

@raunak.rtu We would need your assistance in solving this issue. You will have to trigger the API while we monitor our systems for the issues. Hope you shall cooperate. I shall email you to coordinate for the same. I shall also update the thread once the query has been resolved.

Hi Raunak,
it seems there is one unnecessary space in URL. API key/restart?&%20deviceName=(my bolt name).
Remove the space between restart?& and deviceName.

The correct format will be

Has this issue been solved? Because I am facing the same issue with my Bolt module…

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