Device is not connecting to bolt cloud

When I connect bolt to laptop then blue led came after that in the app the bolt hotspot was showing then it was connected to it and green and blue led become stable after that I connected it to the another wifi so that it can get internet but in that when it ask for the wifi name and password it didn’t recognise and was disconnected from bolt hotspot after that when I started again then blue and green led is opening in stable but is not connected to the bolt account and also bolt hotspot is not showing again
Please help to solve my problem

Hi @gk798344

It looks like the device is online and connected to cloud. But it is not linked to your email id.

Please share us the Bolt device id and your email id with which you have purchased the training so that we can link the account with the bolt device.
This is the email I’d with which I have purchased the course

Hi @gk798344,

Please share the Bolt Device ID as well so that we can link it to your account.

When you were trying to do the Wifi Setup, You had clicked on Open Wifi Settings and tried to connect the Bolt prefixed network right.
That is the Bolt Device ID which is required for us to link it to your account.
If you had not noted down that Device ID then you follow these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the WiFi Router to which the device is connected to
  2. Now Power ON the Bolt Wifi Module using a USB Cable.
  3. You will see that the Blue LED will be stable/Blinking Slowly on the Wifi Module indicating that it is generating its own hotspot.
  4. Now turn ON the Wifi of your phone and see for the network with BOLT Prefix among the list of networks on your phone.

The BOLT Prefixed network name is the Device ID.
Once you get the Device ID you may share it with me so that I can link it to your Email ID

Plz check this

Hi @gk798344

We have linked the Bolt device id with the given email id. You should be now able to view the bolt device on the dashboard. Please do let us know by confirming the bolt device status.

Ok will tell
Thankyou so much