Device is not getting connected to bolt netework

  1. I have powered on my device and the blue LED is steady. I have used my laptop for the power-up process. I have downloaded the Bolt IoT app on my iPhone and followed the setup process on my mobile. After following the setup process, the blue led is stable but the green led is not on. I can see my device showing offline in Bolt IoT Ios app. I checked my wifi connection. It is okay.

  2. in the App I have added the device. But it is showing Red(offline). Bolt network is also enabled. password is copied. when i return back and continue, it shows," make sure your device is connected to the hotspot ".
    please guide me.

Try changing input power for bolt to a direct adapter like a mobile phone’s charger and revert

I have coonected through Android. it was successful and i was able to control ON and OFF action of LED. But I have iphone. I am not able to add and control the device.

How to disconnect the device from Android and connect it to iphone. Even if we logout from andriod, then also the device is connected to android only.

then first de-link it from the android device, then try on ios dont just go directly. First properly de-link it from android.
Connect on android again and remove it as registered device

Thank you for the reply. Will try.

Hi @dewasthale.mugdha,

Do not unlink the device from your account. Currently you can not control device from the Bolt IoT iOS App. Once your setup is done, you can complete rest of the experiment using laptop/desktop.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Bolt is connected to the cloud. Both LEDs on the board are glowing and stable. in the device list bolt module is displayed and shows that bolt module is online (green spot is seen). But when i click on the device, i am not able to see the sample device control view. It stops there itself. what could be the problem? Please help.