Device not showing active on web page

Hi Team

Today, I powered on the Wi-Fi device and install the bolt mobile app. On Mobile app I added the device as per step given below and shows the device connected. After this connection blue led for Wifi and green led for Cloud is glowing and stable. But when I am logging into to web page on my Laptop. I am not seeing any device connected there page is not showing connection but mobile APP is. Please let me know what could be the issue here?

Thanks and Regards
Anil Kumar


Make sure you are using the same email id to login to Cloud dashboard that you had used in the mobile App while setting up the device.

This issue can also occur if you are using a very old version of browser. We highly recommend you to update it to the latest version.

1.Hi! There’s no problem with Wi-Fi module as per your description. Make sure you have logged in to the cloud through the same email id as that of bolt iot app.
2.Use chrome for better results.