Device not shown in cloud dashboard

I connected my wifi module to laptop through given usb cabel
after that i connect the wifi module as per the the instruction given in bol iot app (both the (blue) wifi light & cloud (green)light are stable
but the dashboard doesn’t shown my device …

I also encountered the same problem with my board.
Problem: might be that you might have Smart Phone with Android 11.

Solution: For the first time to connect your Mail ID with Bolt IoT, you can use a Smart Phone with Android version 10 or less than that.
There is something with application in android 11 and they are already aware of that

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Are you able to see your device in the Mobile App?

yes I see the device in mobile app but I don’t see it in the cloud dashboard
after some time the device is disconnected from my phone also and show try again try again …but the both green and blue lights are stable in the module


Have you tried any other Smartphone to use the App and connect your device?

Simultaneously, check your cloud dashboard as well. And make sure you’re logged in with the same Email ID.

Let me know if you still face the issue.

This problem encounters if ur device is having andriod 11 updated
try to connect with some other phone
it works perfectly in ios

i get connected and my problem is solved thanks for your response


Great. Our team looking into this issue for a permanent fix.

Other than that, you won’t require the Bolt App for the training, you can use use the cloud/dashboard on your laptop. And complete the training without any issue.

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