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Hi Team,

BOLT device blue and green LED is glowing which means the device is switched on and is also connected to the Bolt Cloud. The device was operational and was working fine but from yesterday, the operations of the device stopped automatically. I tried rectifying the case, and found eror as “Device View not Found”. Attached is the screenshot. The device is online and blue indicator on app is also glowing. On bolt cloud, all the configuration as well as the device is also linked with the configuration, still I am getting error now after 3-4 months of operation.
Please suggest.

Hi @er.simarpreetsingh, kindly use it on google chrome on your desktop or laptop. There you won’t find these issue.

Hi team,
I am also getting the same error(device view not found) and blue and green light working properly but these error doesn’t resolve.

As the message clearly says, “You have not written any code for this product”.

Please visit the cloud dashboard ie via laptop, go to the product linked to the above device and write the code, deploy the same.

You should be able to see the output on the device depending on the type of code that you have written.

I wrote the code inside config but the same error is coming.
And my laptop is connected to bolt but mobile app automatically disconnects and the laptop is showing online after bolt start.

The bolt iot module has an already inbuilt default product for beginner’s try!! So I think there is some connectivity problem…check you wifi

I checked wifi connectivity but no problem is shown in it and still not resolving the error

Hi @alishaumk,

In setKey function, pass the API key and device id parameter as below. ApiKey and Name will be auto initialized by bolt cloud. Keep the below line as it is in the code.


Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Hi ,

I tried it but it looks like this and clicking the button but the light is not on.

@alishaumk try setting the api key n name as default, i too faced the same issue by editing my api key with the generated one, but set it that to default it works .

While copy and pasting the code from the “Project 3: Controlling LED”.

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

Don’t change “”“setKey(’{{ApiKey}}’,’{{Name}}’);”"" from the code with your ApiKey and Device name.
Keep whatever it is.

Moreover, while creating a product do keep as OUTPUT and GPIO pin. Don’t get confused with the image shown in the Section.

@rahul.singh1 Thank you. It helped me too.

As the Message clearly says you have not written any code for the product. So please write the code and reconnect.