Difference between a nodemcu and bolt iot module

i am having a series of other doubts. can any one help me
#can bolt be programmed from arduino IDE?
#can bolt be programmed to connect to other cloud servers?

While both the NodeMCU and the Bolt WiFi module use the same type of esp8266 WiFi modules, there are some major differences.
What makes the Bolt different from the NodeMCU is that it comes with a pre-loaded firmware, which allows you to configure it to do different things, like connect to a specific WiFi, or measure the value on the analog pin, or toggle a GPIO pin etc.
This coupled with the Bolt Cloud, gives you an IoT system which is quickly programmable.
There have been instances where developers had to spend a whole month to be able to control an LED connected to the NodeMCU via the internet, but that time drops down to less than an hour for the Bolt.

Starting with the hardware,

  1. The NodeMCU has quite a few more GPIO pinouts as compared to the Bolt WiFi module.
  2. The NodeMCU includes a USB to TTL converter with which you can upload Arduino sketches to it. It is not possible to upload Arduino sketches to the Bolt (as of now). Though the Bolt is programmable via the Bolt Cloud.

For the software,

  1. The NodeMCU does not come with a firmware preloaded into it. You have to code the firmware and upload it to the NodeMCU.
  2. You have to program the NodeMCU using esptools SDK or the Arduino IDE. Whereas you can program the Bolt WiFi module using the Bolt Cloud.
  3. Connecting the NodeMCU to the WiFi requires you to program it using the esptools SDK or the Arduino IDE. The Bolt however can be configured to connect to the WiFi using the Bolt IoT setup app.

And yes: arduino can be used along with bolt.
And yess: bolt can connect to other cloud servers. Even telegram also. You’ll get to know all these when you go ahead with the course.

I hope this answered your question.

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can you help me operate a relay connected arduino remotely with help of bolt

Sure i can help you out with it.
You can control the relay using your bold cloud account itself via a html program.
I can brief more about it if you can specify more on what you want to do with it.

i know can control the relay just by using the wifi module but i want to connect the relay to an arduino and control it remotely with help of bolt
the documentation section gave me an idea how to obtain information from a specific pin. but how do i control something like a relay or to output somethng :slight_smile:

I recently came across a similar kind of project you are wanting to do(bolt+arduino+relay).
Like specified in this project arduino can be used to supply activation power. You can improvise more on this project.
Contact me if you have any doubts regarding this.
All the best!!

thanks that was very helpfull

NodeMCU is based on the Esperessif ESP8266-12E WiFi System-On-Chip, loaded with an open-source, Lua-based firmware. it’s perfect for IoT applications, and other situations where wireless connectivity is required. This chip has a great deal in common with the Arduino – they’re both microcontroller-equipped prototyping boards which can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. If you’re familiar with Arduino, using NodeMCU is a logical next step if you’re looking for a more compact, WiFi-equipped alternative.