Digital ocean account creation

Is it necessary to create acc in digital ocean for our training?

No, It’s not necessary, you can use other platforms too!

No it is not necessary to create a account in the digital ocean for the training. The main objective of the digital ocean is to launch a linux server. There are alternatives to these digital ocean account as mentioned in the course such as the Vmware.You can also use the Virtualbox for it as it is used more now-a-days.

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@vinayak2003 As mentioned by @mannesiddardha, it is not mandatory to use Digital Ocean. If you use the digital ocean, you’ll be using the ubuntu/linux OS only. The only difference is that, this time you’ll have to access the virtual computer using the putty’s terminal.

When Digital Ocean will provide you with a cloud computing IP address and its open ports. Which you’ll be using in putty to access the machine.

In VirtualBox, you have another OS running on your computer with Virtualization. But with DigitalOcean’s Cloud Machine, you’ll only be accessing the OS over the internet. Which means using a whole computer on the basis of Internet Connection. I hope now you understand the difference and will be able to opt for your choice.

No,it’s not necessary to create digital ocean account .As discussed in the course there are alternatives to digital ocean.We can install the VMware or VMworkstation pro or virtualbox and download the respective package files of ubuntu and run the files in the virtualbox or Vmworkstation and can practice and implement the project in the linux.See the alternative videos of digital ocean mentioned in the course and follow it.

@mannesiddardha how to download virtual box

@vinayak2003 You could download Virtual box using

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Hello vinayak2003…Well it is not really necessary to create account on Digital Ocean…You Can Use Some other platforms Also such as VMware or VirtualBox software…

No its not just install VM Box and install the OS