Digital ocean account

Can anyone explain me the process of creating digital ocean account.Is giving debit card number and cvc number is trustable?

Hi @archanaphegde1701,

Digital Ocean a very popular cloud service provider. You can try the trial period on it and if you are done with your work in trial period, you can delete the digital ocean droplet and no amount will be deducted from your account and in case you are not comfortable sharing your debit card details then you can use virtualbox/vmware on your laptop and it will work fine.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

yes, it is safe and trustable … you just have to give your card details …they will deduct small amount like 50 rs or 70 rs at first ,then they refund that amount within minutes. Use that digital ocean account for a month …its free for a month …but after it will deduct money automatically like 5 $/mo… so dont forget to deactivate your account within a month. then again u can make a new account with new id and use it as per your convenience.

NOW, Steps for creating account :
1.) go to DO(digital ocean site)
2.) create an account or sign up with ur email id
3.) provide ur card details
4.)choose an image like ubuntu 16.04.3x64
5.) choose size(ram,
6.) select datacenter region (eg: banglore)
7.) click on create, thats it :).

It’s completely safe to provide your credit card details as Digital Ocean is a very reputed company. They will just charge a small amount just to verify your details, the money will be refunded back in minutes.
DON’T FORGET TO DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT AT THE END OF THE MONTH! Or else they will deduct their monthly fee.

The Steps To Create Account Are Very Simple

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign Up
  3. Provide Your Payment Details
  4. Choose the image of the droplet (eg: ubuntu xxxxxxxx)
  5. Configure the hardware (RAM, CPU, Storage etc)
  6. Select the region (Banglore should be suitable as it is the nearest)
  7. That’s It!

You can also use other cloud services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Alibaba, etc.
I personally feel that setting up and managing AWS Lightsail Server is the easiest.