Don't update Bolt Module

I was able to connect my module without any issue and after the upate I have tired everything and it won’t connect.

Seriously Frustrated with this

Can someone please help me

Check if your internet connection is stable and then try reconnecting your Bolt device. You can even try to re-configure your Bolt device with the mobile app.

If You Are Having A Router Of 5Ghz Then It Will Not Connect To Bolt Iot Module. Bolt Iot Module Is Not Compatible To 5Ghz. As They Have Instructed Early.

You can try removing your device and then again add the device following proper instructions.

I am not even able to remove my device its totally frustrating

Just make your device forget the WiFi credentials and try to start from scratch again. Make sure that you are not connecting to a 2.4 GHz band instead of 5 GHz . Make sure that your Internet connection is stable.
Everything will go as expected now.

how to that, i am not able to do that

Hi @pranjwalsingh236,

Check this link . You can set the hotspot band in the hotspot setting of your phone.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@rahul.singh1Do you have any idea about how to forget the device.I was not able to diconnect it since it is showing as offline.
Please reply asap,it is urgent.

Thank You