Doubt on uploading video for certification in Voice Training Apps

I am trying to capture videos for my Voice Apps Training course but won’t be able to do so as whenever I try to run my App on Google Action, it doesn’t allows the option of custom api while creating project. Later I found that the Voiceflow had stopped the Google’s Conversational features and now we cannot be able to use the Apps in Google Action Simulator or Google Assistant.

So how can I resolve the issue if their is atleast a way possible or can I use default Voiceflow tester to showcase my Voice Apps to become eligible for certification ?


@abhisheksmart269 You no longer need to submit the videos as part of the final exam test.

It is MCQ based and a few links to forum questions you have answered.

Thank you @ashwin.salgaocar for clearing my doubts. It’s a huge relief for me to know about it.

I have one more question to ask that after obtaining the certificate of completion after giving exam, will I be able to apply for internship as mentioned in the training as I haven’t uploaded any of the projects videos or screenshots ?

@abhisheksmart269 For the assured internship of the training, you need to create an in-depth video of a project that you have created. It should explain the code and its working in depth.

Does main project mean any of the specified project from Voiceflow like to-do list or the python project ?

And if it is a Voiceflow project, can I upload the video by elaborating the working using Voiceflow default assistant tester or debugger as Google had sunsetted the conversational actions ?

@abhisheksmart269 It needs to be a python project.

Sir I have one last doubt that can I make a project with one more person who is pursuing the same Voice Training Apps course so that it will benefit both of us by dividing workload.

If yes we can apply for internship and upload the link of video from both sides.

So can we do that without having any problem if it is possible?

@abhisheksmart269 Apologies for missing out on responding sooner. The assured internship project is a solo task, but however, if you are looking to build projects in groups then you can consider this: Decathlon Internship terms and conditions

This is one of the technical internships provided by Decathlon. If you do well, you may end up getting an in-office internship as well. Do consider applying.

Thank you sir for clarifying my doubts. I will look forward to it.