Enable to access course videos

I’m unable to access this Internet of Things and Machine Learning course Training despite paying for it, when i apply the coupon code it says The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available!

,but I’m not able to access anything, it goes to the payment page again,

I have followed all steps exactly as instructed in the bolt videos and have been using the same email ID and password,yet not working.

Kindly look into it,and help me access my course pls…

You might have entered the coupon code one day after giving the scholarship test,that why it might be saying the coupon code is either expired or invalid.you can use another email id to give another scholarship test and get the coupon code.Buy the course on that day.

I purchased this course on 26th January 2021 at that time I’m able access it. but it’s been almost 1 year and 3 months and I didn’t access my course but i have been trying for couple of days but can’t access it.

is there any process that i have to do?? cause i’m accessing after long time.

Hi @chandrapal.180410116,
If you had accessed the training earlier, now you don’t need the coupon code to access it. Please login here to access your trainings. Do reset your password in case you forgot it. If it doesn’t work, do let me know.

Hi @raghav.srivastava,
it doesn’t worked.

@raghav.srivastava What should i do now??

Still can’t access it. pls if any one can help me with this problem.

Hi @chandrapal.180410116,
Apologies for the delayed response. I have taken this to the concerned team and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible.

@chandrapal.180410116 The reason for this is that you have created an account(on https://trainings.boltiot.com/) with the wrong email id: chandrapal.180410116100@hmail.com

Please create a new account with the correct email id. Once done, do let us know so that we can link the access code with the new account and then enroll you in the training.

I have created new account with new email: chandrapalrathod07@gmail.com

And Thanks for your response.

Hi @chandrapal.180410116,
I have taken this to the team and the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Hi @chandrapal.180410116,
The issue has been resolved. Please check if you have access now.

sorry but
I did login with this new id: chandrapalrathod07@gmail.com but still can’t access it.

it says you have to log in and i did log in after that still got on same page.

Hi @chandrapal.180410116,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll update you shortly.

Hi @chandrapal.180410116 ,
Your training is activated on your account linked to chandrapal.180410116100@gmail.com and not chandrapalrathod07@gmail.com. Please try using the same or let me know if you want to transfer it to chandrapalrathod07@gmail.com.

Ok it is working now and i am able to access the course too.

Thanks guys for all the help.

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