Error in installing bolt Iot using Ubuntu

I had Virtual Box pre-installed on the laptop provided by the college. And when I tried installing boltiot, I got this error. Does anyone know how to install it?

Are you using college WiFi or college pc. If you’re using it then package installation will not work because of 2 reasons

  1. College will be having a firewall based network which doesn’t let packages to download

  2. College will be having 2 user system admin and user.
    You can download packages only if your an admin


@aditianu1998 It seems Python is not correctly installed in your VM. Try using the below command to install the dev version on Python3 and then check if you are able to install boltiot library.

sudo apt-get install python3-dev

It didn’t work. Still got the same error. I think what @shreeda.bhat said is the reason behind this error.

@aditianu1998 facing same issue. Laptop is of kiit and admin is @kiit for ubuntu.

Since we already have Virtual Box installed in our system, we just have to install the Ubuntu Server ISO. Here is the link:
Then follow the steps as given in the course.

I tried and it is working.