Error in telegram section

sir please help where to adjust return -999 everywhere is showng error

First of all your code is incomplete. The error which it is showing is indentation error.
Please note that your
try: part should be having a tab space after your def function.
except : part should also be properly indented with try:part

no sir my code is complete bcz of window cut by snipping tool its showing like half of the code is written

all the code with error

Notice your return statement is not properly indented.

sir thatz what is error if i shift into function its saying shift out thn i shift out showing unindented

See you are having an indentation problem which is being also suggested by the server. Just properly align your return statement with the print statement and your except part with the try.

In case of further problem just re-check your code with that provided in the documentation.
Even though if you are not getting the desired output, just copy paste the code from the documentation and check where you are going wrong.

Whenever I’ve encountered this error, it’s because I’ve somehow mixed up tabs and spaces in my editor.

are you sure you are not using both tabs and spaces?
If so, the just use spaces.

yes sir m not using tabs and spaces together and in VMware there is not the option of even paste. So eventually have to write the code again. If encounter any error will update

issue solved :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Please post your code for further understanding.

here is the full code

even I’m facing the same problem

In my case it shows unexpected indentation error in try:
Is using tab necessary for spacing?
Because I’ve used space for doing the indentations.also I’ve rechecked if there’s an indentation error

i am facing same error
please help me.

Here is my complete code:-

hi @tiwarisankalp1707,
The error shows that ‘your API access has been rate limited’ that mean you have accessed the API more than 20 time. It will take 6 hours to reset the API. After 6 hours you can execute the program.