Filter are not working in date/graph output page

Start-date and End-date filter is not working. Please provide one blank option(not default) in the dropdown, because when the applied filter on a date. It does not represent data/graph in the given date, instead of that, it shows data/graph on the basis of the dropdown.

a good question @jharshith30.
for debugging this i would suggest you to change the option(drop down list) beside filter button .

For a clear cut explanation ,take an example .If you have selected start and end date of period 2 weeks. lets say from 20-july-2019 to 3-aug-2019 .then the default option selected beside the filter button is LIVE .but,we have to change it to 1 month because 2 weeks comes under 1 month category.
we have to manage the drop down list to 1week/1month or 1year according to the time period we have selected from the start and end date .
i hope this would clear your bug and make happy.:smile: