Filter are not working in date/graph output page

Start-date and End-date filter is not working. Please provide one blank option(not default) in the dropdown, because when the applied filter on a date. It does not represent data/graph in the given date, instead of that, it shows data/graph on the basis of the dropdown.

a good question @jharshith30.
for debugging this i would suggest you to change the option(drop down list) beside filter button .

For a clear cut explanation ,take an example .If you have selected start and end date of period 2 weeks. lets say from 20-july-2019 to 3-aug-2019 .then the default option selected beside the filter button is LIVE .but,we have to change it to 1 month because 2 weeks comes under 1 month category.
we have to manage the drop down list to 1week/1month or 1year according to the time period we have selected from the start and end date .
i hope this would clear your bug and make happy.:smile:

@sujith.tumma Hello sir, I’m facing the same issue that the filter button is not working. I’ve changed the option from LIVE to 1 month selected beside the filter button. Still it is not working. Please help…


Did you collect any data during the period that you have filtered? Also, is the product which was linked the device same?

Yes sir, I’ve checked the period that I selected during execution and the same product was linked to the device.

No any data collected during the period of execution sir and the product was linked to the same device.