Final Exam and Project Query

How hard is the test? Do the questions get repeated in each attempt?
Also, before we take the test, one of the instructions say that there are 30 marks for a project video. What is that all about? Where must this video be uploaded? And are these 30 marks a part of the 50 we need to get the certificate?

Basically we get the certificate if we get 50 on the exam. It is mandatory to answer 2 questions on the forum. But is project mandatory too?

Kindly help!

I don’t think the video is compulsory. It is recommended though.

For the exam you need to past the link for the project that you have made on and any video that you have made for your project on Bolt IoT. The project on is mandatory, but the video is not.You can submit a project+video link or just a project link but not just the video link.
Keep the link with you before you start the exam.
Hope this will help