Final project query

is capstone project at valid for certification or we need to create new one ??

you’ll need to create your own project

““so there will be two projects capstone (to be emailed) and new one for”” pls confirm it???

you can mail them your query so they will help you on that

Actually this forum is only developed to solve our doubt .

I know that but some query you need to ask them directly

eg. I had an issue on capstone I don’t have a refrigerator so I ask them through a mail directly and they gimme a right answer

ok i do that >>>>>>>

i am also staying at hostel right now. i also don’t have refrigerator, what did you use instead of that??

for me they told me to do for room temperature

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in which email id should we mail them

@ mallicknikita19

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how did you get then anomaly detection because in refrigerator temperature changes suddenly if we opened the door in our case how can we do that???.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

@rajatsharma3025 @ibnmoza2 Please refer to for doubts related to projects on the examination.

Is this project ok!!
link =

one way to change the room temp. sensed by temp. sensor is to rub your hands for a while and cover the sensor without touching the sensor. it will work just adjust the mul_ factor and frame size.

@rajatsharma3025 Seems good. You can also attach the circuit diagram also.

ya sure i will attach thanks :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Brother if you are going to complete this project by yourself then only you can understand the problem faced while the completion of this project.
And also it will increase your confidence level

Thanks vast motivation but {{PROJECT IS TOTALLY DONE BY ME}} and problem was related capstone for which i created this topic long before solved.