Final Test Query

I just now finished my final test and my project and forum link is sent for manual grading. But in the last page there was a download link from which i downloaded my certificate and it shows my mark as 68%.
Will i receive the certificate with the rest 30 marks also updated later or what?

Yes, your will receive the total marks after calculating the rest 30% of your performance manually and it will be added in certificate later. The marks on the certificate after received are final marks of your training and won’t be changed…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I completed my test today i got 46 marks only on MCQ only it not included 3 grading questions will i get certificate?after completing grading the marks ?

The certificate for completion will only be generated when you pass the exam with the minimum criteria i.e. 50% points. Since you got 46 in d mcq test, you’ll have to wait till your project and forum answers are verified by them. It’ll take a maximum of 10 working days to verify and mail the certificate for you. So if the rest 30 marks is graded and you cross 50, you’ll receive your certificate