For first project :No Hardware configuration exists for this device type

I have connected everything correctly on my first project but when i try to deploy configuration it is not configuring .
I got everything correctly bolt is online,had stable green and blue light,active internet,browser(chrome) upto date but couldn’t resolve my problem

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Hi @singithatsuyyalas.13.

For controlling the device, you don’t have to click on the deploy configuration button. You just need to write the code in the hardware configuration section -> Save it and -> Go to the control icon from the home page and it will start working.

But in case you have done pin mapping from the hardware configuration section for collecting the data, in that case, you have to click on Deploy Hardware Configuration icon.

Also share the screenshot of your code with us.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

When you are configuring the product on bolt cloud , there are two sections

  1. Hardware
  2. Code

In your case it looks like you haven’t given hardware configuration.

You have to select a GPIO pin which you have used from the bolt device. For project 1 it is pin A0. And you have to give a variable name to that pin. Remember you have to use that variable in your code.

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I’m facing same this type of issue …plz help


can u help me to solve this as u have faced this type of issue earlier


In your Device Configuration, in the the Hardware section, did you select any pin and then give a variable name to that pin? If not, then you don’t require to click on the ‘Deploy Configuration’ button.