For Quiz 2, its shows me 20 questions has to attempt but while entered into the test it was ended me for 5 question only. remaining 15 questions have not displayed for me in web development

conducted only 5 questions for quiz 2.
but its showing me 20 question
displayed me only 5 questions.
in web development course from unstop d2c

Hi @contact.omers.bus Thanks for reaching out to us. Just to clarify, the test ended abruptly for you, right? Are you able to relaunch the test?

We are in touch with the partner(Unstop) to see if they can help you out on this. We will let you know once we get a input from their side

Hi @contact.omers.bus We were informed that the query would be replied back by yesterday(14 SEP 2023). Do confirm if you have received your answer. If not then we will continue following up with UnStop.