Forget Password of bolt IoT wifi module

Respected Mam/Sir,

I am Avinash magar. I forget my bolt iot wifi module password. this is my bolt IoT module id BOLT4628270
i humbly request you to please recover early because I have to complete my project base on iot.

Thank You,

Bolt Iot wifi module does not need any password .Just go to google play store and download the bolt Iot app and then connect your module to phone. Once you connect the module with the help of app it will ask SSID and password of hotspot through which you want to give internet connection to your module. Once this is completed the app will link your module with cloud and then you are ready to go for your project
If you are talking about your course password or cloud password then you can go with forget password option

When you will click on add new device in the boltiot app then it will show a sequence of process and then will tell you to connect to the bolt hotspot. Connect your phone to the bolt hotspot and the revisit the boltiot app and there you will find bolt password as “bolt1234” do enter it and then it will get connected. Hope it helps.