🎟️ FREE LIVE Workshop on Saturday, 29th January, 2022

:wave: Hello Everyone! I am glad to announce, that I will be taking a session upcoming week!!

:space_invader: Learn to build Web App Controlled IoT Car on 2022-01-29T12:30:00Z :timer_clock:

:computer: Join the workshop and make a 2-Wheeled Internet Car with only Bolt Module. We will use LM35, 2x 60 RPM motors and 2 wheels for this. And yes, you read that right, there is NO ARDUINO required for this project. Join in the Workshop and Build your OWN Car !!

:old_key: Points to Discuss -

  • What is Bolt IoT?
  • ​​Bolt IoT’s API Requests
  • ​L298N Motor Driver and its Truth Table
  • ​Hardware Connections of 2W Car with Bolt Module
  • ​Remote Control of Car on a Web App (HTML, CSS, JS)

:information_source: Video Demonstration-

:man_office_worker: Register NOW and Join me in the session -

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