Gist Script on wordpress- Project submissions

@yeshwant.naik can you help me with this?


Can you share the code that you are working with?

@rahul.singh1 Please have a check on this.

Oops. On it. Bumped it up internally. WIll try to get a reply by tomorrow.

@akshayan.sinha Have you deleted the code now? We were just checking it.

Also, let us know the project you are building.

I have put it back. Its just a gist URL embedded here.

The very eagerness to publish on bolt project degrades, as it takes long enough to get a project published on the site. Remains pending for many days.

Sorry for the delay.

I suggest you to share the link by pasting it and we shall view it by visiting the URL.

If a project is amongst the best then they are finally hosted on On this we do not have the option to host it via Gist as of now. We will copy and add the code to the projects page.

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Okay sir. Btw, the site is again down.

Sign In button on directs me to because I was already logged in on

The Sign In button has a hyperlink of basically

We have updated the header for all the pages to be uniform. Did the UX confuse you in anyways? Please let us know so that we could fix it.

Also, yes the site for project submission is down and it seems to be going going down often. Sorry, this is embarrassing. We will work on a permanent fix for it. cc: @pranav.kundaikar.inv @rahul.singh1

@akshayan.sinha Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have fixed the issue temporarily. You should be able to access it now. We are looking into a permanent solution for the future.

I am stuck in a loop. The project submission dashboard is missing. On there is a Sign in option on the top right. On clicking that, opens up.

From there, clicking on Project Ideas, it brings me back to

Has the previous steps mentioned, which includes the URL, which i used earlier to reach my dashboard. But even that doesn’t let me in. I have a login interface with bolt logo but wordpress/Discourse credentials required.

It doesn’t have my email ID registered on it.

@akshayan.sinha We are investigating the issue. We have pushed an updated to the header today hence the issue has occurred.

@akshayan.sinha Sorry for the trouble. We will fix the issue tomorrow morning. We will update once it is done.

However, for now here is hack. You may search for and open the cached page. That will have the necessary link to login.

Note: You may face some other issue with the hack so if possible wait till tomorrow morning. If you are adventurous then feel free to try but keep backup of your submission. :goggles:

@akshayan.sinha We have updated the site Please check and let us know if you are able to submit the project.

Yes its working. I was well satisfied seeing my project again with cache though xD.
Do inform here, when Gist script is installed on the project page.