How to do gist Embedding?

Hi ! I want to add code to my post (project) using gist but i am facing difficulties .Solution online (Plugins) are not working for me. Please help.
For instance

[gist] serial_number [/gist]

Adding custom html block
Both of these failed…


This query was resolved here -

It means if your project is below thresold will not be published and will not get gist embedding ??
That is the case then ,my project is below thresold , thanks …

Hi @raghavsingla327,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll soon resolve the issue.

Hi @raghavsingla327 ,

I tested it using the HTML block and it is working. Can you share your project URL, I will check the issue -

Thanks for answering
I am not able to see my gist in preview.(using html block)
Bolt meets Quantum

@rahul.singh1 Any Update regarding this …

Hi @raghavsingla327 ,

You are just inserting the gist url in html code. To embed the gist, you have to add the embed code of gist. In your case, it is

<script src=""></script>

I have saved the changes. Do let me know in case you need any other information.

It looks great .Thanks @rahul.singh1 for support .

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