Green and blue led is glowing but i cannot connect with the bolt cloud

The blue and green LEDs on my bolt device is constantly glowing. but the device status is neither showing in cloud dashboard nor showing in my phone app…and also i uninstall the app and reinstall but its same issue and also i tried to plug out the module and Plug it in again but its same issue…
here is some picture

Hi @vikaskheni30 ,
Just to confirm, have you attempted the setup of your Bolt Module using the app?

yes sir with anorid app version 11 and also i attached one screenshot of that

After turning on your bolt device connect your mobile with bolt’s hotspot, the password is given in the bolt app and then follow the steps give in the app .The device should then be connected to the cloud if both the LEDs are glowing.
If in case the device status is still not showing in the cloud dashboard then make sure that you have used the same account to sign in your phone app and bolt website.

but sir whenever i turn on the bolt device both the led automaticlly turn on and then it not shown bolt hotspot

Hi @vikaskheni30,
I have taken this to the team and you’ll get an update soon.

Hi @vikaskheni30 ,

Can you change the wifi password for your home network/hotspot and check if the blue led is blinking? Then follow the setup process again to link your device to your cloud account. Check this video

Also share your device id.

i changed my wifi password and then i did setup process again but its again…same problem

Hi @vikaskheni30,
After changing the password is the blue LED on your Bolt blinking?