Green Led is not working, and i am unable to unlink my module from app

Hii all,
I have done wrong connection. my blue led is blinking but green led is not blinking, I am not able to unlink the module kindly help me.

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Are you trying to unlink from the cloud? If green LED is not glowing, your module is NOT connected to the bolt cloud. Do send a picture of your module, and let me see if I can help you resolve.

Your blue led is blinking that means it’s wifi hotspot is connected…If you’re trying to connect your module to bolt cloud you should setup through boltiot app…if it doesn’t work please let me know through pics of your module condition and problem you’re facing… I can help you as I faced some issues with module and got resolved…

Blue LED blinking slowly indicates that the Bolt device has turned ON its hotspot and you can use the mobile app to connect to it and configure the same.

Please follow the instructions on the app to configure/reconfigure the device. Blue led is blinking means it is connected to its wifi hostpot , but green led is not blinking means u r not connected to bolt cloud, u can see OFFLINE on under STATUS. So, u have to correct it by using Bolt app, where u will see the instructions under Getting Started with the IoT Cloud in the video Linking the microcontroller modeule to cloud. Remember to connect the cord of module to laptop to see ONLINE status.