Green light does not blink or even start

this is the first time I am connecting the bolt WIFI module. After I went through the steps of the installation I got a stable blue light but the green light doesn’t even bling. the green light doesn’t do any of the activities. I then tried connecting it to a different internet but the end result was the same. It comes as offline on the cloud server on both my phone and my laptop. any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks for the help in advance.

i think the problem starts when my phone asks me to connect to an internet connection. once i connect to an internet connection the bolt app keeps on asking me to connect to an internet connection and the android is giving me a notification that bolt isn’t responding…and my phone says that a battery issue has been detected and shows Bolt as the number one reason with the reason of frequent crashes

@yeshwant.naik Please look into this matter.

never mind. i was able to solve it by connecting the module to my hotspot. that worked