Green light is not getting on and blue light is not getting stable

I have been using the bolt module for past 15 days, its all good and working perfectly, but since 3 days the green light is not getting on and the blue light is blinking slowly and not getting stable. I have good internet connection(wifi). so now i want to know if there is any issue with my bolt module hardware or do any have any other solution for my problem. Thank you in advance.

There may be a problem with your wifi connectivity. Try resetting the password or connect to another network. This might help you!!

Hi @saranyaanagha2000 ,
Thanks for your suggestion but sorry it didn’t work.

Hi @gsreesarayu1818,

The blue led blinking slowly means the bolt module is not able to connect to the wifi source.

You can reconfigure the device by clicking on Add device button on the mobile app and following the same process you did for the first time.

hi @yeshwant.naik,
Thank you so much sir,it worked.My bolt module is working now.

I had a similiar problem with the green light and after a long time I found out that I was out of range from my wifi router. The green light switched on the moment i went a little nearer to the router. As for the blue light not stablilizing means your bolt and phone arent connected. CHECK your connections again or even better, reconnect. Hope it helps .