Green light is stable and on but blue light is off

I had configured my bolt when I bought it and now I wanted to change its WIFI as my WIFI has changed. I disconnected it from the software but it is still offline.
The blue light does not blink at all and green light is constantly on.
How to rectify it?

logout from the device and then try to do the further steps again. I hope this will work

Turn off any wifi AP related to your bolt module. Then power the bolt on. If the blue light blinks slowly(if not, reply with what happens), open the app on ur mobile and click on add a new device. When you have to connect to a wifi network, click on the option to add the ssid and password manually. Enter the credentials of your new network. And turn on the wifi.


Do you know the id [BOLTXXXX ] of your device?

Can you share a video of the behavior of the device after you turn it ON? You may upload it to google drive and share the link here.

We will replace the device if found faulty.

my be the bolt is not getting enough power supply