Green light not work

I’m trying to connect my bolt device to cloud server but after connecting it successfully to cloud server it disconnects automatically and green light turns off and green light not work .

make sure your wifi is working

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yaah wifi is working

try to add again the connection with different wifi

Hello vaishali,
If your green led is turning off ,then the bolt device mentions that your internet is very low.
Check your internet speed OR else connect to another wifi which has high internet speed.

The green led doesn’t turn on when you wifi has a low internet speed or maybe ran out of data. Try with some other connections and do make sure wifi has good internet speed.

Hi vaishali,
Maybe you are using WIFI with internal proxies that require further verification code except the password, try to avoid it .I will suggest you to use your mobile’s hotspot.
Aur just check if you are getting suitable speed.


Hey try to connect it again if green light continues to off it means your internet is very slow then connect it with another hotspot which have high speed.

The problem is due to poor internet connection or unavailability of Internet.
So,if your green led is turning off,
Check your internet speed or plz connect to another wifi which has high internet speed.

Try checking your internet connection. A proper internet connection may solve your problem!

my bolt’s green light is not working. even it is not glowing. can anyone tell me what is the problem or this problem is happen due to cloud server down?


Bolt Cloud is down at the moment. We are working on fixing the issue. We expect the system to be up before 9 pm tonight. So sorry for the trouble.

For more details check: Bolt Cloud downtime

@Harsh It should be working now.

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Yes sir its working now