Group_id":10, "user_id":10751, "notification_level":3, "owner":false


okie what is your questions?


Try this instead (add quotes before group_id)

Try using double quotes for group_id.
Eg. “group_id”:10

Hi, @marvin411vm

The code snippet you provided seems to be representing a JSON-like structure. However, there are a few syntax issues that need to be corrected. The correct format for representing key-value pairs in JSON is to use double quotes (" ) around the keys and values. Here’s the corrected version:

“group_id”: 10,
“user_id”: 10751,
“notification_level”: 3,
“owner”: false

In this JSON object:

  • The group_id key has a value of 10.
  • The user_id key has a value of 10751.
  • The notification_level key has a value of 3.
  • The owner key has a value of false.

Please note that JSON syntax requires the use of double quotes around keys and string values. Additionally, the boolean value false should not be enclosed in quotes.