Hardware integration

I had this same problem previously in my first project for that I delete the product and create new one by that I resolve it but now I facing the same issue this time I couldn’t rectify it I did all the procedures correctly but I’m facing with error of “No hardware configuration in this device”

anybody know the solution kindly reply ASAP


For configuring the device (as shown in the first photo you have attached),

  • For OUTPUT devices like LED’s, buzzers etc, nothing needs to be done in hardware tab, i.e., you can just ignore it and click on the code tab to configure the product.
  • For INPUT devices like LDR, LM35 etc, both hardware and code tab should be used to configure the product.

For products using output devices, this error - “No Hardware configuration exists for this device type” comes only when Deploy Configuration button is clicked (as shown in the photo I have attached below).

Since, your product is controlling an output device (LED), so you don’t need to configure anything in the Hardware Tab and also the Deploy Configuration button should not be clicked.

Simply put, try clicking the “View Device” button (as shown in the photo I have attached above) to observe the working of your product.

Hope that helps!

@Simplify thanks for your response I had solve it based on your suggestion