Hardware kit components

Is it possible that you send me a list of the contents along with the pictures of how the individual contents would look like. For example, how the temperature sensor would be, how the blot cloud be as I think that there are some components missing from the kit.

Hi, @gishita195 you can find the details in the pic below.

Most of the small components are under the compartment that says “pull me out” inside the box.

Do revert back in case you have not received any components.

I do not have all these components

I have only these


Check for a plastic ziplock pouch. The one with the stickers and access card, the componenets are present there. As well as the Bolt Module’s box.

Look at the Unboxing video in the below thread for reference.

If you are still not able to find the components, then let me know.

I have watched the video and found out that I have got everything except that small pouch in the “pull me out” box


You can send a mail to support@boltiot.com from your registered Email ID and ask for the replacement of the whole kit. You can take up this query further there as well.

For any other issues, you can refer over here.

ok will do
thank you