Heart rate monitor

Is it possible to link heart beat sensors to the bolt wifi module, such as those made by Electrobot and are available online?

Hi @preshlyferns08 yes it is possible to connect the heartbeat sensor to the boltiot say the wires of the heartbeat are red, black and purple. The purple wire is connected to the A0 port of the boltiot wifimodule and the black goes to ground and the red wire to the 5v(VCC).Iam not sure about the code as yet but yes you can connect it to boltiot module.

Thanks for your reply.
Could you just specify of how the code would be like or just the main ideas of the code?

Hello, wanna ask. Will it works with Garmin heart rate monitor?

@preshlyferns08 I can tell you about the code with respect to beats per minute.

  1. read the sensor value from A0
  2. compare the sensor value with a threshold (550 mostly) for 10 seconds and store the value of the total number of times the sensor value went over the threshold in a variable called count.
  3. after getting the count for 10 seconds multiply the count variable with 6 (count*6) which gives you the BPM.
    note: this is just explanation of the code in a nutshell.
    you will have to find out how to make a 10 second loop in python.
    if you get the code please do share it. All the best. sorry for the late reply.