Heating and melting of LM35 sensor

I am having heating problem with temperature sensor i.e LM35 i had previously used it 10 to 15 times but this is first time. I just connected and then i touched it to keep it properly the plastic was melting and was literally very hot.so technical support just change this sensor and give me new one because it also made a hole in plastic packet which was near it and burnt my finger!!

@dishantgandhi733 Probably you might have connected the LM35 sensor incorrectly or supplied more current causing the sensor to overheat.
I am unsure if we will be able to replace the LM35 sensor for you.

Nope.i had connected properly and had perfect amount of current passed and for replacement bolt has 1 year warranty for this so just check this out

@dishantgandhi733 I will check with our team and let you know.