History of Iot topic

I started my course today and while attending the lectures I came to know that one topic is a bit out of date. The topic History Of IOT signifies 2016 and today is 2021. So I think the future of IOT may have changed i.e many new things can be added to the intro and it should be provided in the history of IOT.
Thank you.

The module “Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning” is a beginners module set to only teach the basics of IoT to the new learners who’re new to this field. Hence, updating a course won’t be possible since it covers the true cases for now.

For the latest and advanced knowledge, you can refer to the module " Advanced IoT and ML Training".


The video was shot a while back. It does not make sense for us to update the video every year showing incremented date.

However, we constantly update the course to provide the latest improvements.

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thank you
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